“How might your life be different if there had been a place for you...a place of women where you were affirmed?”
(From: A Circle of Stones.)

For over 20 years, I have been offering a caring and supportive therapeutic experience for women. Often, women come to the group after having experienced a turning moment in their life or finding that they are faced with a situation that can no longer be ignored. This moment or situation may come in the wake of a relationship break- up, depression, chronic anxiety, parenting difficulties, struggles with low self-esteem, chronic physical symptoms or other life challenges. In this group women find the special bond and understanding that can be created in a group of women.

Women from a range of ages (19-74), diverse backgrounds, and various life circumstances have benefited from this experience.

Participants have the opportunity with guidance to bring attention to that which is working and not working in their lives. There are times for learning and practicing practical life and communication skills and to try on new behaviors. Each woman is encouraged to work at her own pace toward her personal goals. There is no pressure to reveal private information until you feel ready to do so.

This is a wonderful opportunity to have fun, laugh, and experience the wisdom, comraderie, and compassion of other women.

Please join me in the journey of self-discovery!

Women's Therapy Groups of Arizona offers ongoing therapy groups for women of the Phoenix community seeking support, therapy, camaraderie and personal growth.

We are located in Tempe, Arizona. If you are interested in attending one of our groups or would like more information, please E-mail us or call:

Call (480) 838-1719